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Healers, therapists, readers, and others have come from far and wide to celebrate our health and well being at the Body and Mind Festival. 


9. Chef Rum and Skye

Falafel Wraps – falafel is a deep fried ball made with chickpeas, fresh herbs and spices.
A staple in the Middle East.
Served with fresh salads its simply scRUMptious.

7. & 8. Heavenly Beans

All Sorts of Coffees, Teas and Hot drinks, fruit juices, water and Pre-made meals.

BREAKFAST: Oats, Healthy start

MEALS: Beef Lasagne / Veg Lasagne / Chicken Pesto Pasta / Extra Salad , Chicken Strips

5. & 6. City Cafe Curries –  Sumeshnee Dheyaram 

Chicken Breyani, Bunnies Quarter, Curry and rice, Samoosas, Home made curried pies, Hand cut chips.

 Our Hall of Healers, Therapists and Products
– Health and Well Being:

1. Alison Coates – Business Coach

I am a global business and positive lifestyle coach. Supporting people to tune into abundant ways of thinking so they can envisage and look forward to a life of prosperity, vibrancy and wellness. Providing customers with best in class health and wellness products that support bringing balance back to the body via a focus on gut health with natural products and supplements.

I look forward to connecting with you.

2. Melissa Mahabeer

Namaste My name is Melissa. I am the owner of Shakti Body Mind and Soul Wellness Studio in Pietermarizburg. I have being blessed with a gift for 20 years. I am a Clairvoyant medium and Pyshic. I have being through an exciting and wonderful journey of helping people. I have clients from all over the world as i do Skype readings, whatsapp, email , telephonic and personal one on one readings .please call me to help ans give you positive direction and guidance.

3. YES Paradigm – Transformation with Celeste Du Toit

Celeste Du Toit is a transformational Life Coach, Speaker, Healer, and Workshop Facilitator. She is the founder of YES Paradigm Coaching, provider of self-awareness and empowerment programs, workshops and retreats. Her approach is transformational. The premise is that empowerment starts within, so it is essential to identify and change limiting beliefs and inhibiting patterns that are keeping us stuck. Celeste uses neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), powerful questioning, and healing and balancing techniques to help you.
Celeste works holistically and addresses wholeness of body, mind, spirit and emotions.

4. Mona Minnaar

Reiki Products, reiki disks and reiki bears. Ancient Healing symbols, angel practitioner, rune reader, colour therapy, crystal healing, life coaching, stress management, bereavement & grief counselling, end of life doula services.

5 & 6. Body and Mind

Entrance stand for information on the show, prizes and entertainment lineup.
Marketing healers in South Africa for 19 years!

Organizers of the Body and Mind Festival.

7 & 8. Eva de Fleuriot – Crystal Deva

Crystals & Gemstones, Jewelry, Charms & Mystical Gifts.
Hi my name is Eva and I have had the privilege of working with, studying about, playing with and being surrounded by some of the finest Crystals available from the Mineral Kingdom since 1992. I have acquired a deep respect for and understanding of the immediate, harmonious, balancing effect that they can introduce into our lives on a basic level while simultaneously being able to expose us to the true meaning of some of the complexities we as humans face on a daily basis.

9.  Odyssey Magazine

Odyssey Vision is to publish content to nourish and inspire.
Exploring all aspects of holistic living, the joy of living authentically, integrative approaches of complementary healing, living consciously, metaphysics, the intuitive arts, our integral connection with nature, spirituality and the mysteries beyond.

10.Vernon Enegelbrecht

Iridology and herbal medicine information.

11. Bronwyn Spence-Ross – GreenmanKZN

Therapeutic Reflexology is recognised by the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa. Bronwyn was certified in November 2001 as a Therapeutic Reflexologist through the International school of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy by Inge Dougans.

What is Reflexology?
Reflexology is a holistic healing therapy. It uses specific pressure techniques which work on precise reflex points on the feet, based on the premise that for all the bodies organs, there are corresponding reflex areas on the feet. Added to this, is the study of zone/meridian maps of the body.

12. Joan Higgins

Clairvoyant Readings, crossing overs, meditation classes, regression sessions, psychic abilities, stress relief, spiritual assistance with business, love and family affairs.

13 & 14. Debs Herdon

I am a Certified Life Alignment Practitioner of this phenomenal healing modality, which increasingly magnifies and expands my direction, path and purpose in life. It brings me so much gratitude to personally witness a client’s positive and enlightening transformation on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

15. Aadila Sacoor – Zest Health

At Zest Health, we consider bio-molecular nutrition as the foundation of health. This is looking at how nutrients interact with the body at a molecular level.
In this way health can be enhanced and diet related chronic conditions can be treated. Nutrients are multipurpose molecules. They don’t only fill one specific role in the body. Don’t neglect your health. Adding appropriate supplements to a clean diet, a purposeful exercise program, and calming mind-body work is the foundation of wellness and healthy aging.We are an online health store offering individualized therapies by a functional medicine doctor and nutritional coach using advanced quantum scanning and tailored therapy including cosmoceuticals and nutraceuticals.We courier our products nationwide and source from only the best health and beauty houses including our own health and beauty range.


Bhakti Marga is the way of Love and Devotion to the Divine founded by Paramahamsa Vishwananda in 2005.  It is a journey from the mind to the heart. Through the grace of Mahavatar Babaji ancient knowledge has been given to the world by Paramahamsa Vishwananda in the form of Atma Kriya Yoga which serves as a way to unlock Self-Realisation.  The techniques lead one to deep states of meditation, brings unification of the mind, body and spirit, a calmer mind, slowing down of the aging process and increases energy and vitality.

17. Jodie Hunter – Nourish

Nourish Creams have soft, gentle, nourishing properties with rose geranium fragrance.
Gentle moisturizes all skin types. Soothes most Skim Irritations, Acne, Eczema, Dry Skin and Sun Burn.
Organic Creams for the whole family.

18. Nissa Badrudin

Crystal jewellery and crystal grid boards.

19. Fahmeida Haffejee

Handcrafted business offering a natural skin care range (Pebble Bay), handweaved jewellery and exotic North African Middle Eastern spice blends.

20. Debbie Rich

Offerings included
Free advice on Health & Fitness
Eating plans
Herbalife breakfast
80% Nutrition 20% Exercise
Community support
Transformation challenges
Fit sessions

21. John Maher

The triggerstick is the brainchild of a Durban based Chiropractor, Dr Francois Botha. Dr Botha recognised the need for his patients as well as the general public to have access to a simple and effective way of relieving themselves of the aches and pains caused by muscular trigger points (knots). This device has now revolutionised the lives of many of his patients, friends and family…. and now YOU too can have one!!

23. Simone Angove – Gentle Healers Aloe Vera

Gentle Healers have been passionate about Aloe Vera for over 35 years and have now have the opportunity to bring the best of breed Aloe Vera products, for internal and external use, to market. Aloe Vera has been known for it’s incredible healing powers for centuries and has become very popular in the last couple of years as people have had a chance to experience the power of this plant for themselves. Aloe Vera is beneficial for humans and animals. Even after 35 years we are constantly amazed by the positive feedback from our customers. Gentle Healers will continue to grow it’s product range.

24. Thas Hira – Oeresta Health Spa

Thai foot massage, Neck and shoulder massages, Indian Head massage and Relaxing facial massage.

25. Louise VN Liebenberg – I-nfinitePotential

Louise VN Liebenberg, Transformative Life Coach and Counselor, will be there to discuss the fast-acting, life-changing benefits and lessons shared in her international bestselling book, Hamster Wheel Relationships For Women.
You will also get a chance to book for her upcoming retreat in the tranquil Midlands at a special show price.

26. Shane Cass

The Natural Way Health and Sports Supplements want to promote our range of health products comprising of Rewind, Join Guard, ultimate slimming capsules.

27. Kevin Leak – Chirology

Chirology – A hand analysis report is based on Chirology principles. Chirology is a discipline of hand analysis and counselling that utilizes the five element principles in order to provide structure to hand analysis. The element system provides a neutral and reliable universal language.

29. Bev Durrant

Dreamcatchers of all shapes and sizes, smudge stix and kits, crystal healing wands, Tibetan prayer beads, pendulums, pentacles, Zen Gardens, crystal necklaces, fairy wands and trick stix.

30. Reduce Skincare

Organic, vegan, preservative free skincare products.

Aloe Vera Mousse (200ml) – for your body, hair and beard
Coffee Scrub (200ml)
Grapefruit Body Scrub (200ml)
Lip Balms (R20)
We also have other items in development.

31. Gareth Jones – Holographic Healing

Holographic Healing is exercising and developing your own innate ability to see sense, feel, hear, and know what is inside your emotional, physical, or even mental body, or that of others in the process of facilitating healing.

32. Samantha & Sam Beneke

Aurora Fae – Unique Glowing ice candles that are all essential oil infused. Wide range of colours and essential oils to choose from

Nia Dancers of KZN

Nia is effective work-out that is FUN & CREATIVE. It will re-connect you to the JOY OF BEING ALIVE. Nia reaches into your heart, motivating you to become fit and healthy by evoking a personal desire to explore your potential, through movement and music. Nia is done barefoot & has 52 basic easy moves that are purposeful, exhilarating and motivating. Nia tones the body & enhances flexibility, agility, mobility, strength, stamina, balance, vitality and overall health. It also calms the mind and releases tension and stress. Non-competitive and adaptable to all levels of fitness.

34. Nici Oosthuizen  – Bioenergy HiddenMind Protocol Therapy

Nicolyn Oosthuizen will be providing HiddenMind BioEnergy Therapy enriched by a beautiful TransfOrmus product range which serves to enliven our soil, promote plant and animal growth and of course our daily health and wellbeing.

35. Marijke de Bruin – Hello Essentials – Young Living Essential Oils

Hello Essentials is a Young Living essential oils and essential oil product company. We offer therapeutic grade essential oils sourced from our own farms from across the world with the promise of the purest and most authentic oils available anywhere in the world. We are driven to build a community of support for everyone interested in learning about or expanding their knowledge and use of essential oils as well as how to best live a chemical free life. We aim to empower families and individuals to live a healthier life with the support of exceptional natural products. Our Seed to Seal promise and ‘Purpose over Profit’ vision are what makes us a flourishing community and oily family.

36. Madhavi Govinthu – Jades Message

Clairvoyance readings and Angel readings
Card readings
Past life readings
Crossing over

38.  Raeesa Mohamed

Mani and Pedi station and massage

39. Ravi – Sahaja Yoga

An introductiom to Sahaja Yoga meditation

40. Kendal Taytasac

I am based in Cape Town and travel to Durban Johannesburg Dubai Australia Switzerland USA Greece Croatia Lithuania Mexico Hungary Mozambique Botswana to do healing sessions- and teach classes as I am a Master & Certificate of Science Theta Healer.
I do Crystal Layouts Future Readings Meduimship throughf 7th Plane Energy of Creator of All That Is.
I am also offering a healing through using the emotional release technique and natural oils.
I have a corporate background managing large teams of people and doing presentatiions on a global
Platform and have utilised this to create and expand an individuals Abundance in 4 one on one sessions
And offerring one day workshops.

41. Debbie Fox – Feng Shui

Feng Shui involves you, because your environment influences you, whether it is supporting or not. The shape and position of the land and the building influences you. Colours, the quality of light and the shapes of objects that surround you, and their psychological relevance to you, effect you as well as where you sit or sleep. Do you feel safe, comfortable and powerful?
All of these factors are major influences on your life.

42. Presley Naidoo

A Registered Nurse & Auricular Acupuncturist,passionate about health,fitness & human potential, with a growing interest in accelerated healing of bone,muscle or skin tissue & combining Yogic Techniques with Micro-systems Acupuncture & more.

43. Esha Paraw – Inner Spirit Journeys

Esha Paraw is a Wellness Coach and the founder and owner of Inner Spirit Journeys based in Durban. She helps bring you healing messages and guidance from your angels, guides and lost loved ones. She offers Readings, Crossing overs, is Psychic and a Reiki master. She teaches Reiki, Goal Setting Courses and Meditation classes. She worked internationally for 5 years. She does in-person, telephonic, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger and Email readings.

45. Shirley Bradshaw

Homemade pure, natural, glycerine soaps. No chemicals added. Natural additives used for extra function. Seven different oil mixes chosen from coconut, olive, almond, castor, sunflower, sesame, mustard, avocado, neem, palm and crocodile oils and tallow. Vegan range available.

47. Preea Deonarain

* Samarpan* Free Simple Meditation Technique* Kids Concentration Class*Mindfulness Coaching 4 Corporates* Registered NPO & PBO

*Any Race, Any Gender, Any Language

48. Guy McGowan

Life Coach  / Samurai Arts Practitioner
“Sowing the Seeds of Consciousness”

Guy McGowan, assists you in realising the fullest expression of your highest and wisest self. By engaging with the art of effective communication and negotiation through conversation and language via his trainings, coaching workshops and one-to-one sessions, he works with children, students, adults, couples, entrepreneurs and corporates towards achieving a more enriched Way of Being.

49. Bianca Beck – Timeless Treasures

Sparkling LED fantasy bottles and treasures.

50, 51 & 56. Alex Marcu – Ambient Earth – Crystals

Mineral Specimens, Polished Semi-precious Stones, Meteorites & Tektites, Crystal Lamps
& Interior design products, and Crystal Jewelry.

52. Manda Jooste – Classy candles

Candles..fragrances…candles for decor


53. Donoven Gloy – Rock Paper

Armed with a war cry of ‘what pulls you down can set you free’, Donoven works intuitively to help you shift perspective for the better, helping you be the best you that you can be.

With a University Degree in Psychology, Donoven is a PSYCH-K Facilitator, Sangoma, Psychic and sought-after Medium. He is also, a multiple award-winning PR and Communications specialist.

His more esoteric and holistic services include Affirmations and Balances, Auric Outlining, Clairvoyance, Cleansings & Clearings, Sacred Path Guidance, Spiritual Connection, Talk-Therapy, Tarot Readings and Psychic Connection – among others as needed for the client’s benefit.

54. Heather Martinho

Unique and personal.
A3 pastel and charcoal art work. Includes interpretation and 3 card reading.
R5OO.(Excluding postage)
Done in person while you wait or via photo

57. Roxanne Awaken

Roxanne is a Psychic Medium , Shaman, Reiki practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Nutritionist.

58. Sne – Physiqueaid

Massage Therapy and Wellness.
Physique Aid specialises in Massage and Reflexology, and provides these services to clients through Individual bookings, corporate monthly visits and sponsor events.

We do this by designing and implementing successful, effective skills and techniques that improves one with stress and muscle pain reduction, especially those that sits on the computers for long hours, physically active and any other muscle and body relating pain.

59. Akshar Hariram

Kitana Kreations was founded in 2017.
I am a self taught mehndi artist, specializing in bridal and non-bridal mehndi.
I make my mehndi paste from all natural ingredients.

61 & 62. Joanne Yeatman

I have a passion for design, the therapeutic use of color & am inspired by the rich colorful cultural tapestry of KZN

63. Roxann Chetty

Salt Lamps, Reiki, and Tarot Readings.
Tarot & Angel card reading with innovative healing. Even though they are not a “medical device”, Salt Crystal Lamps, by emitting negative ions, significantly reduce a myriad of indoor air pollutants. Negative ions have known benefits, and provide relief from sinus, migraine headaches allergies and hay fever, reduce the severity of asthma attacks, enhance the immune system, increase alertness, increase work productivity and concentration, increase lung capacity and reduce susceptibility to colds and flu and many more ailments.

64. Shanti Coroa – Sacred Roots Cape Town

Specialising in a range of beauty and medicinal products, Sacred Roots would be so grateful for the opportunity to share our product range with you. The product range is all healing and filled with all natural goodness <3
I am passionate about medicine and the way in which we can work with the earth for a balanced and love filled wellness.

Sacred Roots believes in preserving and growing our beautiful Earth, nature being our best teacher and healer. The Sacred Roots product range is created and packaged with the highest and purest of intentions, in a love filled ceremonial space, inviting a high and light vibration to every product made.

65. Philippe Renaud – Shangri-La

Tibetan handicraft, singing bowls, bell, tingshaws, incense, Oracle cards, nepali jewellery, sterling silver jewellery, copper bangles BOUDHA statues.

66. Shamla Govender

Reflexology & Meridian Therapy and Vacuflex Concept.

67. Ashika – Heal Your Life – Louise Hay

The Louise Hay Philosophy is built upon the foundation that every person has access to the ability to heal their lives, body and circumstances. The body can return to its natural state of good health and we can have good and healthy relationships, and we can create a prosperous life.

68. John Dutton – SAMHA Hynoptherapy

After 15 years of Research & Development, South Africas leading modern Hypnosis guru, John Dutton has received International Accreditation for his Programme on “Advanced Hypnotherapy”, by the GHSC (General Hypnotherapy Standards Council) of Great Britain. The international hypnosis register has given him honouree status as an International Coach. John teaches medical practitioners and alternate who are certified as non medical. SAMHA has 52% medical members and 48% alternate. This 250 Hour and 500 hour ( Advanced) Programme offers Full Accreditation from SAMHA and a GHSC and IHR membership option.

69. Diane Nel – Angels Incorporated

Angel Card Readings – For guidance from the Angels
Numeroloy – Numerology is an ancient science that suggests we choose our lives before we are born. Many numerologists believe that the soul chooses a body based on the energy vibrations it will receive from the date of birth and its name.

70. Jignasha Hira

Reiki, Crystal Healing
Astrology, Crystal jewelry
Innovative Healing Technology

71. Bonita Senkal – Brazilian Boutique

Where fitness meets fashion! Brazilian Boutique’s style is exactly the style you need, when visiting the gym, the tennis court or going for a night out on the town! Our unique range of prints and designs will make you stand out in the crowd!


72. Noori Siddiqui – Optimum Wellness

The Natural Solution to Bone and Joint Health
Mobility, Agility, Longevity

73. MG

  MG FORTUNE TELLER AND LIFE COACH will answer ALL your questions about your future and teach you the necessary skills to ensure your HAPPINESS.MG appears regularly on LOTUS FM on the Alan Khan show WALK THE TALK.MG also has a regular column in the POST newspaper where she gives guidance and does counselling for those in distress.If you have a problem with being negative MG will show you how to rise above it and become positive and to live a fulfilled life.

74. Nickiel Paramanand 

Well Being Coaching & NLP (in partnership with Kuan Yin B&B)

Well Being Coaching & NLP offers NLP, life coaching, Yoga & Tai Chi Services at Kuan Yin B&B,

coaching and meditation services

75. Priya Naicker – The White Canvas

Creative expression through art has been shown to improve physical and emotional well-being. Art in the form of painting, music and dance are tools of self-expression and self-exploration – with a strong link to emotion. Many artists agree that collectively it provides an outlet for emotional tension as well as giving a voice to the ‘unspoken’ elements of life.
Priya will be holding dotted mandala paint sessions all Day long.

76. Energencia Academy RASA

Energencia Energy Healing Academy KZN
RASA Registered Certificate Courses
Reiki – Western and Japanese Styles

Crystal Healing Courses

Transformational Workshops

Reiki and Meditation Retreats
082 875 2985

77. Tarryn Coetzee – Foot Detox

Foot Detox and detox and healing products.


Lawrence – LG Creations and Restorations

All sorts of wooden crafts for indoors as well as outdoors. We have a variety of wind chimes in all different shapes & sizes which will add beautiful ‘soft music’ to your gardens… We have also started doing restorations to various items, whether it be your beloved antique furniture or an old school bell, we can help!

Dillon Gavin – AMC Cookware

Made from the highest quality Cookware AMC aims to offer you better health through Cookware.
By not only saving you money but saving your health.

Eat better live better and cook the AMC way.

Lulubee and Helio Life

A wholesome & natural approach to everything that we create. Embracing ancient traditional of hand-dyeing which we do in the reusable wraps, nature provides the colour pallette for Lulubee wraps.

We utilsing nature’s healing ability in our skin-health products. Utisling freshly foraged plants, which are the active ingredient in all of the Lulubee skin-health products.

Thank you for spending the day with these special healers.

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