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Kloof Stalls Exhibitors

Body and Mind Kloof Health and Talk Day!!
27th July 2019
Kloof Country Club

MG Fortune Teller and Life Coach

Psychic Reader and Life Coach.

Adre Erlank Designs

Handcrafted jewelry made from resin and wood. Also incorporating second hand spoons and other materials.

Roxanne Awakened – Eternal Light Spiritual Guidance & Healing

I will be offering messages from Spirit and Intuitive card readings, for those needing healing I will also be offering Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping).

Celeste Du Toit – YES Paradigm Coaching

Celeste Du Toit is a transformational life coach, motivational speaker, and holistic therapist. She is the founder of YES Paradigm Coaching, provider of coaching and healing programs, workshops and retreats.

Celeste works holistically and addresses wholeness of body, mind, spirit and emotions. She is based in Westville, Durban. She works with individuals as well as medium size businesses and corporate groups.

Dillon Gavin – AMC COOKWARE

Highest quality 18/10 Stainless steel cookware
Induction friendly, ovenproof, gas and electricity rated. German quality produced under licence in South Africa.

Louise VN Liebenberg – I-nfinitePotential

How suppressing your feelings impacts on your physical and emotional health.

Bronwyn Spence-Ross – GreenmanKZN

Therapeutic Reflexology is recognised by the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa. Bronwyn was certified in November 2001 as a Therapeutic Reflexologist through the International school of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy by Inge Dougas.

What is Reflexology?
Reflexology is a holistic healing therapy. It uses specific pressure techniques which work on precise reflex points on the feet, based on the premise that for all the bodies organs, there are corresponding reflex areas on the feet. Added to this, is the study of zone/meridian maps of the body. The structure of the foot forms our base and foundation. A strong foundation relies on correct alignment and joint function, any impairment to the functions will displace the centre of gravity. Other areas of the body will overcompensate. Just as dis-eased feet can cause problems around the body, dis-ease in the body can reflect in the feet. – some excerpts quoted from Reflexology, A Practical Introduction.

Cheryl-Ann Antonizzi – Completehealing4me

Cheryl-ann from CompleteHealing4Me offers TRE ( Tension , Stress and Trauma Releasing Exercises) , Counseling as well as Ancient Egyptian Energy Healing to restore the body to a state of complete balance. These modalities can be combined, but are also offered independently depending on the clients needs.

Simone Angove – Gentle Healers Aloe Vera

Organically cultivated Aloe Vera Products.

Marijke de Bruin – Soul Essence featuring Hello Essentials – Oil Essence

Marijke practices both as a Shamanic healer and teacher through music and healing. Her vision is to bring individuals and communities to a greater awareness of self-nurturing and self-empowerment through embracing their individual voice and truth.

She is a wholistic vocal coach offering private and group singing and voice lessons. She is the founder of Little Big Voices, a children’s EQ music and arts programme which teaches children how to find their balance, truth and stillness within the challenges of society and their daily environments.

Marijke offers private healing sessions using Shamanic Medicine and multi-modality practices supported by the use of essential oils & auric sprays (intuitively prepared).

Hello Essentials – Young Living Essential Oils is an international essential oils company that produces first distillation, therapeutic grade essentials oils from organic farms all over the world including South Africa. Their vision is to bring natural, supportive and sustainable health to every family by offering only the best in essential oils and essential oil products. They are driven to build a community of support for everyone interested in learning about or expanding their knowledge and use of essential oils as well as how to best live a chemical free life.

Nici Oosthuizen – HiddenMind BioEnergy Therapy

HiddenMind BioEnergy therapy is an investigative healing modality facilitated thorough a method of dowsing and sound protocol. It reveals deviations in the mind body matrix which have been stored in the body over a lifetime causing a build up of blocked energy which results in various ailments such as depression, anxiety, back ache etc. Once deviations are revealed through the protocol the body is activated into its natural self healing process thus realigning the body mind matrix to its natural state of flux and flow.

Dawn Cameron – Chirology

Book your session with Dawn Cameron Chirology who offers an insightful hand analysis of your emotional, physical and psychological charater.

This unique method is objective and accurate which allows you to understand yourself better, improve your life, avoid repeating mistakes or negative behaviour patterns and identifying your greatest strenghts and how to use them.

When you have your hands read, you will recieve a complete map of yourself to navigate your own life better and feel more confident and authentic.

Heather Fountain – Hypnotherapy

I opened my part time practice in general Hypnotherapy in March 2014 with my mantra being:

“My goal is to guide you towards self-reliance so that you have full control of the life you wish to live”

Clients come to me from all walks of life, with their unique journey and as they put their faith and trust in me, I give them my complete attention with nothing but an open mind and many years’ experience dealing with people. I provide a professional, safe, confidential environment in rooms Venice Road Durban.

Sheilagh van Veijeren – Natural Balance

Natural products and Crystals

Maureen Edgcumbe – Holistic Coach & Colour Therapist

Colour Therapy & Creative Processing.

Discover the powerful story that colour can reveal. Create with a stunning array of multi coloured glass pebbles. A fascinating introduction into the realm of holistic healing and creative expression.

Bev du Randt

Dreamcatchers of all shapes and sizes, smudge stix and kits, crystal healing wands, Tibetan prayer beads, pendulums, pentacles, Zen Gardens, crystal necklaces, fairy wands and trick stix.

Debbie Fox – Feng Shui

Feng Shui involves you, because your environment influences you, whether it is supporting or not. The shape and position of the land and the building influences you. Colours, the quality of light and the shapes of objects that surround you, and their psychological relevance to you, effect you as well as where you sit or sleep. Do you feel safe, comfortable and powerful?
All of these factors are major influences on your life.

Diane Nel – Angels Incorporated

Angel Card Readings – For guidance from the Angels
Numeroloy – Numerology is an ancient science that suggests we choose our lives before we are born. Many numerologists believe that the soul chooses a body based on the energy vibrations it will receive from the date of birth and its name.

Eva de Fleuriot – Crystal Deva

Crystals & Gemstones, Jewelry, Charms & Mystical Gifts.
Hi my name is Eva and I have had the privilege of working with, studying about, playing with and being surrounded by some of the finest Crystals available from the Mineral Kingdom since 1992. I have acquired a deep respect for and understanding of the immediate, harmonious, balancing effect that they can introduce into our lives on a basic level while simultaneously being able to expose us to the true meaning of some of the complexities we as humans face on a daily basis.

Joan Higgins

Clairvoyant Readings, crossing overs, meditation classes, regression sessions, psychic abilities, stress relief, spiritual assistance with business, love and family affairs.

Shamla Govender

Reflexology & Meridian Therapy and Vacuflex Concept.


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